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there's a storm coming to the glass sky

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don't you know we're meant to be;

sees the world in rainbow shades;

name(s); joyce, miri, luke, fura, milo, more?
age&date; 2X & 05/02/198X

So she writes with pauses and no names, with sentences filled with nothing. True love is made of friendship and little more. While you were gone, I really missed you.

Will you sing me my soundtrack?

fandom; saint seiya, pokemon, dynasty warriors, 'tales of' series, macross 7, ayakashi, mononoke, suikoden series, persona series, d.gray-man, moyashimon, to-love-ru, ludwig kakumei, cantarella, +anima, hetalia

likes; vitamins, fruit themes, soy milk, plastic tree, swan lake, carousels, ferris wheels, cupcakes, singing songs you used to hear, rainbow, the bluebird of happiness, icons, graphics, art, museums, umbrellas, falling asleep in snow&grass, '&' signs, clouds shaped like animals, tea, figurines, rp, reading translated novels, donating blood, personal space, animals

dislikes; beets, rulers, bent bobby pins, religious/racial/etc discrimination, white noise, the sound crickets make, literal translations, middle aged men, uncalled for cruelty, playing team sports, counting money

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